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About Me

There is nothing traditional about what I do. Over the years, I have crafted my own style of serving clients. If my clients described me they might say that I am an advisor, creative resource, problem solver, writer, organizer, collaborator, researcher, and often times a manager of the seemingly unmanageable.

I am not new in business, but I try new ideas every day. Consequently, throughout the years I have seen marketing trends evolve, and I have seen the constant keys to success that have never changed.

It’s been my career dedication to work with entrepreneurs and associations. In doing so, I have been fortunate to learn first-hand the characteristics of amazingly successful people.

The Kennedy + Olson, Inc. business model is simple. We work with clients based on their needs. We have long-term clients (20+ years) and project clients with specific objectives in mind. If required, we manage specialists in various fields to assure goals are achieved.  Our intention is to always put the client’s money to work where it matters.

And, what always matters most is your success.

– Shannon Olson

Client Category Experience

Construction Trades and Contractors

Associations and Non-Profit Organizations

Labor and Management Organizations

Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Health Care Professionals

Higher Education and Training Programs

Retail Businesses and Shopping Centers

Legal Services

Manufacturers and Distributors

Consumer Product Marketing

Business to Business Products Sales

Professional Development Resumes and Cover Letters


Business Owners

As a business owner, marketing shouldn’t be your night job or be assigned to someone who “sort of knows what they are doing.”  You may intend to get “around to it,” but days run out of hours. That’s what we are here for.  Bring us your to-do-list, your half-baked ideas or simply your dreams for success. We will put you on track with a strategic marketing plan, create compelling advertising tools, coordinate communications projects, and make good things happen.


Associations have one thing in common: they must serve the needs their members.  With more than 20 years of experience managing associations we understand the dynamics of success. Over the years, we have launched new associations and revitalized those running out of relevance. We’ve streamlined operations, planned programming and events, managed membership and boards, created strategic partnerships, written grant requests, and overseen finances.  Most important though, we keep members happy.

Our services


It seems simple; Marketing is how you get your product or service from point A to point B.


Creating powerful Advertising is the challenge. Consumers are slammed daily with advertising messages.

Association Management

Meeting the needs of customers is the basis for our style of Association Management.

Event Planning

Event Planning takes creativity, patience and an obsession with details.


Research is a valuable tool to gauge the mind-set of the people with whom you want to communicate.

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